Kimin Kirkpatrick

Kimin Kirkpatrick
Ian Gotts

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ is a Game Changer! has truly made my life as a Product Manager so much better. This freemium software is a Business Analyst/SF admin’s dream and allows one to get a full picture of their production orgs and sandboxes, and so incredibly easy to use. 

*the SF Org Config / Ref model gives us an up to date and holistic look at our org, from a birds-eye to drill down – it’s searchable and links you directly to the proper setup page for whatever you’re looking. 

*The org analytics allow us to see where documentation is thin, and what fields and reports are being used, or not used. This enables us to ensure we are running a lean and clean org. This has been so incredibly helpful.

*The process visualization mapping allows us to go to end stakeholders and truly document their business processes from end-to-end. I mean, you can’t put a system around an undefined process. This keeps everyone accountable and on the same page. 

Since we’ve been using, we’ve seen great advances in functionality and are looking forward to what’s next. This is an essential tool for any Salesforce implementation.