Elements Foundations (A102)

Elements Foundations (A102)
Sherriden Masters
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Elements Foundations

Course overview

The purpose of this course is to cover the essential knowledge of the Elements platform. This course introduces you to the key concepts, terminology and architecture so that you can relate to and understand the product before you venture out to use it or try other courses.

Estimated total effort should be 30 minutes

What you will learn

Module 1 : Spaces

In this module you will explore Spaces. Spaces are the secure, shared working environment in which all features and content reside. Anything you do, anyone you work with, and all of your analysis, will be run through the Space. 

Module 2 : Key Product Areas

In the second module, you will gather an overview of the multiple areas in which Elements can support your Org, and where Elements can boost your career with Salesforce.

Module 3 : User Permissions

In this module you will review the options related to access and management of different features, and even different maps and models, all controlled by User Permissions.

Module 4 : Org Models and Implementations

In the final module, you will explore the Org Model, as a collection of your Org’s metadata represented as ‘nodes’ within Elements, and how to use the power of these models in your org.

What if I have questions?

If you are uncertain about anything or you would simply like to learn more, just use the blue intercom icon in the lower-right part of the screen to talk to us directly.
For longer, detailed questions you can also email us at success@elements.cloud
If you have any feedback about the training content or any ideas about how it can be improved – talk to us!

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