Elements University: Data Modelling

Elements University: Data Modelling
Adrian King
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This course teaches how to think about the world in terms of the entities and relationships between them.  The purpose is to be able to build models of the world that can be used to them define the data models used to build software applications.

Students will learn the concepts behind the different types of data models, why understanding the real world as data is so important and the modelling notation to capture this knowledge.  This will then be translated into the practical use of how to capture Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) in the Elements application.

The course instructor is: Adrian King

The learning objecives of the course are:

  • LO4-1: To understand the concept of data modelling and the different types of data model
  • LO4-2: To understand the concepts behind data modelling and the modelling notations
  • LO4-3: To understand how to apply this to building a model of the real world scenario being analysed
  • LO4-4: To be able to use Elements to build a logical ERD

The course is made up of two modules:

  1. The principles and theory of data modelling
  2. Using Elements to build ERDs