Elements University: Introduction to Spaces

Elements University: Introduction to Spaces
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Welcome to the course Introduction to Spaces!

A Space is one of the basic Elements.cloud platform concepts that is the very base of created content and governance (administration). Students taking this course should be able to prove that they have a basic understanding of these Space concepts. They also need to understand how to manage some of these concepts in practice.

These are the learning objectives for this course. Note that awareness means that the student needs to be aware of the item, but not necessarily understand the how-to in detail:

  • LO3-1: Understand basic Space concepts (e.g., Space types, navigating, creating)
  • LO3-2: User management
  • LO3-3: Group management – awareness
  • LO3-4: Set up connections – awareness
  • LO3-5: Change default behavior with Customizations – awareness
  • LO3-6: Create and manage Themes
  • LO3-7: Create and manage Resources
  • LO3-8: Create and manage Data Tables – awareness
  • LO3-9: Best practices for Spaces (customers, partners and Elements)
  • LO3-10: User Permissions
  • LO3-11: Access management
  • LO3-12: License Model