Elements University: The Elements Operating Model

Elements University: The Elements Operating Model
Jack Lavous
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This course is designed to ensure that the students undertsand how the process, data and system are strucutred so that we can support the Elements business model.  The business model is unique to Elements and reflects the envirnment that we operate in.  It is continually changing as the market evolves and the business undertsand the way our clients want to interact with us.

Students will understand the Elements process and data models so that they can understand how we operationally run the core business.  They will then be able to understand how Salesforce has been configured to support that operating model.  Finally, they will explore how we use Elements ourselves to change and enhance our operating model and our configuration of salesforce

The course instructor is: Jack Lavous

The learning objecives of the course are:

The course is made up of two modules:

  1. The Elements Operations Manual and Salesforce
  2. How we change the business