Elements University: Universal Process Notation

Elements University: Universal Process Notation
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Welcome to the course Universal Process Notation!

Or UPN in short. The foundations of how to create world-class process diagrams using the Elements.cloud diagram editor.

These are the learning objectives for this course:

  • LO3-1: Understanding your intent and audience
  • LO3-2: Basic building blocks (notation basics)
  • LO3-3: Understanding and defining scope
  • LO3-4: Readability of your diagrams
  • LO3-5: Best practice 1 – Where to start mapping
  • LO3-6: Best practice 2 – More on verbs
  • LO3-7: Best practice 3 – Decisions and forks (where is the ‘diamond shape’)
  • LO3-8: Best practice 4 – Functions and Processes
  • LO3-9: Adding contextual information