Capturing requirements and generating user stories

Capturing requirements and generating user stories
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Capturing requirements and generating user stories


In this course you will learn how to transition from delivering features to delivering business outcomes.

Most stakeholder requests come in as very high-level feature requests. They express what the stakeholders want. Good analysts and architects however focus on delivering what the stakeholders need. Getting from want to need requires application of rigorous business analysis and design thinking principles.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Evaluate incoming requests to get to the root problem / outcome.
  2. Validate requests in the context of business processes and data models.
  3. Use business processes and data models to identify additional needs.
  4. Break down the scope of the solution into deliverable user stories.


This is a practical course on how to leverage the Elements platform. We strongly encourage you to first finish the 2 courses listed below as knowledge of UPN business process mapping and data modelling is essential to capturing and generating high-quality user stories.

⚠ Action: click on the images below to navigate to the prerequisite courses.