Stay up to Date on Org Changes (A112)

Stay up to Date on Org Changes (A112)
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Stay up to Date on Org Changes

Course overview

The purpose of this course is to educate learners that they could use Elements to keep track of and monitor all changes being done to their Salesforce Orgs. This comes in handy in a couple of use-cases:


  • Being able to track all changes done in a Sandbox environment:
    • Makes it easy to deploy all changes for a release
    • Allows to create partial deployments if a Sandbox is shared by multiple admins or developers
  • Being able to track changes being made to the production environment:
    • Allows to find root cause of bugs /issues much faster
    • Allows to monitor if the right changes / expected changes occurred

Estimated total effort should be 10 minutes

What you will learn;

Module 1 : Metadata Change Logs

In this module you can explore how, from the very first sync, we start storing the history of all changes to all your metadata. When any component has been changed, added or deleted, we will highlight those changes, and alert you to those changes.

Module 2 : Track and List All Changed Metadata

In the second module, you will see how generating a change log report in your Sandbox Org will allow you to trace all the changes you have done, and make a list of all things that should be deployed.

Module 3 : Monitor Changes to a Production Org

In this module you can explore how all members of the development team can be aware of how the production environment is changing. This allows you to identify the root cause of unexpected bugs much faster, and identify potential conflicts.

What if I have questions?

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If you have any feedback about the training content or any ideas about how it can be improved – talk to us!

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