Creating documentation packages in source Org

Set up the packaging Space

You will need:

  • Corporate management
  • Corporate admin permission
  • Documentation package enabled (ask us to set it up for you)

The first thing you need to do is designate a Space that will be used for creating documentation packages. This governance allows ISVs and consulting firms to control who can create documentation that will be then shared with clients. The corporate admin needs to select a Space in Corporate Management and switch on documentation packaging.



Create the package

The user with Space Admin permission can then select the implementation in the Org model list for the enabled Space and create a documentation package against it.

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Create the version

Before you create a documentation package version, make sure that:

  • You have documented your Org model (added rich text notes,URLs or diagram links to to appropriate metadata);
  • You have published the diagrams which are referenced in the Org model.

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Version create


Set visibility

Once you have created the package (and its first version) you can decide when to make it available for your clients and who should be able to access it.

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enabling package