Creating the Org Analysis Report

Superb job so far!

This final learning module will ask you to consider the types of analysis and discovery you may want to do with your own Org, what particular areas of analysis you will prioritise, and how you may plan the next steps.

If you have been using the Org Analysis Template as you have been following this course, you may have noted down specific questions for your Org, in addition to those provided.

Revisit these questions now, and consider again the type, aims, and strengths, of the company you wish to discover. Imagine what the company’s Org would look like if it was aligned with the company mission?

You may also consider your role in an Org Discovery and how to leverage the insight and data you could have at your finger tips.

  • If you are a consultant, how would this knowledge improve your scoping and delivery for your clients, and reduce your risk of scope creep?
  • If you are a newly positioned admin or analyst employee, looking to gather senior and strategic support for your role, and Org, how could this data cement belief in your competence?
  • Or if you are planning technical updates, change management or a cleanup exercise, what would you like to know and see beforehand?

In each role, you can imagine that insights found using Elements can save time, investment, and reduce the risk of damage to projects within your Org, or even damage to the Org itself.

Add these notes and considerations to your template, giving you the chance to revisit, reflect, and refine your plan, should you want to carry out an Org discovery using Elements.

And you are done!

The final module is the commercial bit.

If you like what you have seen, and are wondering about the health of your own Org, we have a number of ways to support your next steps, at no cost.