What have I learned?

You are about to complete the course on risk based release management. By now you should know:

  1. “Risk of change” is a classification of how potentially hurtful a particular change to the system may be, if implemented poorly, based on the number of affected components and complexity of work required to implement it.
  2. Risk can be assessed alongside 3 dimensions:
    • Technical : Number of metadata components, lines of code and other integrations being affected by a particular change.
    • Operational : Number of processes, and by extension, end users being affected that will have to be re-trained in the new flow.
    • Regulatory : Number and severity of regulatory requirements being affected.
  3. Risk based release management is a principle by which you classify each planned change by risk and then apply a different workflow to the release based on that risk. Low risk changes can be implemented very quickly without too much governance while high risk changes need to be tested multiple times to make sure the system does not break and the users are not left confused post-release.

Next steps

Now that you understand the theory, start this next course to learn how to put that knowledge into practice with Salesforce.