Welcome to the Elements Academy – 101

Introduction to the Elements Academy: What is the Academy?

Welcome to the Elements Academy, your ultimate learning and development suite for mastering the Elements platform. As the definitive source of truth concerning product usage and competency, the Academy is dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge, skills, confidence, and motivation essential for thriving within the Elements ecosystem. By integrating self-directed learning with a competency-based assessment model, the Academy ensures that you have all the tools necessary to “Accelerate Your Future” and drive your career progression.

Who Benefits from the Academy?

The Academy is designed for everyone, regardless of where you stand in your learning journey. It offers tailored training to accommodate various competency levels across different user personas within the Elements platform. This includes specialized curricula for Alliance Partners, who are required to achieve certain certification levels to maintain their Alliance tier status, ranging from Registered to Platinum.

The Alliance Program and Certifications

In 2024, Elements.cloud launched the Alliance program, a collaborative initiative aimed at System Integrators (SIs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). This program fosters a symbiotic relationship, promoting sales and universal adoption of Elements. Alliance partners are required to complete designated courses for their Tier level and pass a certification exam, which includes annual maintenance requirements. Although not mandatory, customers are also encouraged to participate in the certification program. For more details on becoming an Alliance Partner, please refer to the provided information here.

Alliance Training & Certification Requirements

Academy Learning Model and Benefits

The Academy employs a comprehensive learning approach, leveraging the expertise of seasoned designers and analysts. Our courseware is meticulously structured to align with various job requirements, ranging from initial synchronization to advanced organizational analysis for optimization. Whether you are a novice or seeking deeper insights into organizational optimization, our courses are tailored to meet your needs.

The Academy is centered on helping you develop your knowledge and skills, in the areas of your work that you need.

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Many of our courses deal with advanced skills and competencies, and so will require demonstrated knowledge of concepts before they can be accessed. The tiles show, and can be filtered by skill levels: “Basic”, “Foundations”, “Professional”, and “Expert”.

Key Features of Our Courses:

  • Skill Level Categorization: Courses are categorized and filterable by skill levels – Basic, Foundations, Professional, and Expert.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility: All courses are self-paced, mobile-friendly, and accessible anywhere.
  • Free Access with Simple Registration: Unlock all these learning resources at no cost, simply by registering.

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